How to Do Zumba at Home

How to Do Zumba at Home

Zumba is a fitness craze that took the world by storm. The moves of Zumba are mostly inspired by Latin dance steps known for their energy, infectious music, and huge appeal. According to the Zumba Fitness website, there more than 12 million Zumba practitioners all over the globe, filling up 110,000 gyms and studios across 125 countries since 2011. However, there is no need to go to a gym or studio to do a full Zumba workout. Zumba Fitness has produced their own line of Zumba DVDs so you can strut to merengue, salsa and other Zumba dance styles in the comfort of your own home.

Step 1

Learn and practice the moves by heart. You can check out Zumba Fitness’ videos on YouTube via their official channel “Love Zumba.” Zumba Fitness had four dozens of Zumba content uploaded to their channel in August 2011. Some of their more popular videos include the “Zumba Fitness’ Beginner Steps of the Week” and “Zumba Fitness Basic Steps Demo.” In the video, every step is broken down at a slow tempo by the video performers. They will also show you more stylized version of the steps following the regular tempo. The short tutorial can also provide you with quick tips to help you do particular Zumba moves. For example, you can check out the “El Vacilon” video to learn different Zumba steps based on the merengue. On the other hand, the “Video Semanal de los pasos Zumba Fitness para principinates” will teach you the Cumbria-style of Zumba. The video, however, is present in Spanish. You would still be able to follow even though you are not a native Spanish speaker.

Step 2

In order for you to find the best Zumba workout for you, you can do some research on other people’s experiences with Zumba Fitness home workouts. You need to choose the workout that best fits your activity and skill level. There are basic and complex Zumba workouts with a varying difficulty of choreography. Tailor your perspective on user reviews based on your own goals for taking Zumba. For instance, look for Zumba videos that can help you shape your midsection or those that can help you burn calories. There are also videos that can help you translate Zumba on a real dance floor.

Step 3

Purchase Zumba Fitness DVDs and try the workouts yourself. The Zumba Fitness Exhilarate: The Ultimate Experience DVD Set is composed of seven individual DVDs that chronicle different Zumba workouts tailored for both amateurs and professionals. Another DVD set you can search online is the Zumba Fitness Total Body Transformation System DVD Set. It contains four individual DVDs that highlight six Zumba workouts. The set comes bundled with toning sticks and Zumba light hand weights. If you want to keep things easy and simple, you can also go for Zumba Fitness’ first DVD “Zumba Advanced.”

Step 4

You can also a dance-inspired game in the comforts of your living room by inserting a Zumba Fitness game into your PlayStation, Wii or Xbox. The game comes with 30 Zumba routines and a motion-sensing belt to ensure both your abs and hips are following the right motion. The best also serves as a holster so you can play the game hands-free.


Wear the right gear before you start doing Zumba. Review the videos before doing any Zumba workouts. This can help you assess how much room you’ll need and how to the footwork properly.


There are some Zumba workouts that can be physically intensive. Before doing any Zumba routines, consult with your doctor first. If needed, you can also have the workout modified to suit your capacity level. If you feel like Zumba is something not for you, feel free to quit anytime.

Things You’ll Need

YouTube Access or Zumba Fitness DVDs