Iron Deficiency – 10 Common Conditions

An iron deficiency plagues many sufferers of many different conditions. It is the root cause of a vast amount of medical conditions, often going overlooked or unnoticed. The symptoms of an iron deficiency include a lightening or yellowing of the skin. Frequent shortness of breath and irregular fatigue often go with an iron deficiency. A lack of iron in the body is due to poor dietary habits or more serious underlying concerns. Concerns such as stomach inflammation, ulcers or gastrointestinal diseases. If you showing more than one symptom from the list then you must begin supplementing your diet with iron. When treated early all symptoms usually clear up. This thus restores vitality to many areas of your life. Here are  ten frequent signs of an iron deficiency in your body.

1. Bruising from Iron Deficiency


If you have noticed strange bruises appearing then low iron levels is possible.  Random bruising is often due to platelets or iron deficiency. Thus supplementing with iron medication often causes the symptoms to subside. If you bruise easier than most then it is most likely that you are developing or have developed anemia. You will find it best to add iron into your diet immediately. The vitamins C and K also help heal bruising in the body, while also preventing bruising in the first place.

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