Lemon Treatments – 13 Great Remedies

Lemons have many extensive, essential healing properties. Each lemon holds many antiseptic, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits. From the zest to the juice and oil, these sour citrus fruits treat a range of conditions in a range of ways. Here we’ve listed thirteen common ailments which can all be effectively treated using lemons. Lemon treatments can be used to ease to cure and ease the symptoms of many common ailments


1. Ease Swollen Ankles using Lemon

Lemon Treatment

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Due to the presence of the flavonoid rutin, lemons are a highly effective treatment for swollen ankles. The inclusion of either the zest or juice into your daily diet will strengthen your vein walls while preventing the leaking of fluid from varicose veins. The next time you are suffering the pain of swollen ankles, fill a bath with hot water, adding either lemon juice, zest or both. Soaking your feet and ankles in a mixture of lemon juice and hot water will quickly reduce the swelling and therefore lower your pain levels.

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