Muscle Building – 12 Essential Exercises

Muscle building requires constant exercise for the entire body due to each muscle group helping the rest build strength. Muscle groups thus need to be isolated and worked individually. Here we have supplied ten muscle building exercises which will be a great help to your training. Each muscle building exercise is optimal for muscle growth, thus granting you rapid results.


1. Weighted Dips

Muscle Building

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Weighted dips are great for muscle building of your chest and triceps. Working both muscles, weighted dips need you to dip more than your own body weight to be effective. Ensure that you place an overload of weight on yourself when performing a weighted dip. Start with something comfortable, upping your weight gradually. Increase the weight until you are dipping more than your own weight. To speed up muscle building results try a 31 day testosterone boosting plan that will give you the bulk you’re seeking in no time.

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