Muscle Building – 12 Essential Exercises

12. Box Squat

Muscle Building

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This variant of the normal barbell squat is far more advanced and far more effective due to the control you have. Box squats allow you to develop explosive power thus helpful to sprinters and footballers. The box placed engages your hip flexors and gluteus muscles. The use of a box also allows you to control your descent’s height. There are few other exercises which are as helpful for developing strong legs. It is also an exercise which grants rapid muscle growth. The box leaves no guessing and gives you measurable progress due to simple adjustment and customization. Lower the height of your box as your strength increases. Box squats are a core part of most Olympic dead lift athletes. When training using this technique you are at less risk of injury. Yet your muscle gain is better than when using normal squats. To speed up muscle building results try a 31 day testosterone boosting plan that will give you the bulk you’re seeking in no time.

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