Not Drinking Enough Water? 9 Warning Signs

An inadequate daily intake of water can cause a range of symptoms. Many of these are at times overlooked as symptoms of other conditions, when water is the actual cause.  Not drinking enough water causes problems throughout the entire body. Many of these issues will ease up when you up the amount of water you drink each day. Up to twelve glasses of water is the recommended daily intake, with eight being the least.


1. Dry Mouth

Not Drinking Enough Water

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Dry mouth is one of the most uncomfortable symptoms of not drinking enough water. Dehydration manifests in a range of different forms. Yet a drink mouth is the number one sign that you need to up your water intake. Increase the amount of water that you drink each day and you will clear up and signs of dry mouth. Thus alleviating the irritation that accompanies the dryness of your mouth and throat. Water supplies the lubrication needed by your mouth & throat. You need enough water  to hydrate your mucous membranes. Not drinking enough water can also result in bad breath, dryness of mouth and allows bacteria to breed easier.

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