The 10 Most Common Types of Cancer

Cancer symptoms and diagnosis procedures vary based on the exact type of disease that plagues the body. Each type of cancer derives its name from the area of the body where it first formed. There are areas in the body which are at a much higher risk of developing cancerous mutations. The ten most common types of cancer originate from these high-risk areas. We have supplied an overview of each.


1. Endometrial Cancer

This type arises in the endometrial lining of the uterus. It is often referred to as uterine cancer. This is due to the overwhelming number of times this occurs in the uterus. This classification includes other cancers, but none that are as frequent as endometrial. Approximately 47,000 females suffer from this form annually, with causes varying. A select group of females is at the highest risk. This is due to the widespread effects of hormone levels on this particular form of the disease. Those who receive hormonal medication, alongside diabetes sufferers, have the highest likelihood. Females who have never fallen pregnant also fall into this risk group.

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