Top 10 Health Tips For Men Over 30

Gentlemen, take control of your life by taking care of your health. The sooner you take charge of your health, the better your life will be.

Dr. Steven Lamm, the medical director of NYU Langone Medical Center’s Preston Robert Tish Center for Men’s Health, believes that it is uncool for men to wait until they reach the age of 50 to see a doctor. According to him, it is important for men to take care of their well-being from head to toe.

Here are Dr. Steven’s top 10 health tips for men.

  1. Find a doctor. When choosing a doctor, go with someone whom you are comfortable working with. This will allow you to freely talk about all aspects of your health, from your mental health to your sexual functions to your overall physical well-being.
  2. Visit the doctor as needed. It is common for men to deny anything negative that they feel on their bodies. Things like chest pain, black stools, and vision loss should not be ignored.
  3. Be informed. Men have the tendency to self-diagnose themselves. It is crucial that you know and understand that any symptoms or complaints regardless of how minor they are.
  4. Diversify your workouts. The human body tends to get comfortable when you do the repetitive workout routines. In order to get the best out of your workout, you need to have diversity. The training also needs to be appropriate for your age. Also, the workout should be a mix of aerobics, stretching, and muscle training.
  5. Follow a strict diet. Nutrition is a crucial aspect of living. According to Lamm, getting proper nutrition is more important than anything else except sleeping. He also believes that optimum nutrition cannot be achieve by limiting your food choice. Eating a variety of healthy foods and focusing your diet on nutrients rather than calories is a must.
  6. Get a good amount of sleep. Sleeping is something that you should compromise. Getting at least 7 hours of sleep a day is crucial. Sleep deprivation is something that cannot be overcame by doing exercises or whatever. It is a common misconception among many men.
  7. Check your mental health. A person’s state of mind is really, really important. You need to keep track of what’s happening to your life. Do you find yourself drinking quite too often? Do you have the symptoms of someone suffering bipolar disorder and depression? You will need the help of someone to help you review the telltale signs of mental disorders. This is helpful especially if your family has a history of mental illness, substance abuse, or and/or suicide.
  8. Take good care of your sexual health. Getting an erection is a problem that many men goes through when they did not have enough sleep, drank too much, or just stressed out. A man’s erection is a gauging factor in determining one’s overall health. To be in the best shape of your sexual life, make sure to regularly exercise, consume balanced diet, and get ample amounts of sleep.
  9. Be mindful of your prostate. As you grow older, your prostate also grows. You will most likely experience different symptoms of prostate issues like urinary problems. To reduce the risks of acquiring prostate cancer, it is best you consume a low-fat diet.
  10. Enjoy life. Do something you enjoy every day. Simple things like doing yoga and listening to an audiobook can do wonders for your health. Vacation is not the only time to have fun.