Top 7 Foods To Decrease Stress

Processed Foods

Processed Foods

Processed Foods –

Foods such as pre-sweetened cereals, processed meats, french fries, and others not only contain gluten and sugar, but they also have artificial colors, trans-fats, MSG, and other unnatural ingredients that are linked to a bad mood and irritability. For a complete list of ten processed foods that you should immediately remove from your diet, please view the article.

In addition, it is also important to note that items such as caffeine and most cooking oils are not good for the body. Caffeine can cause problems with the endocrine system especially when other hormonal factors come into play such as toxins, stress, etc. Instead, you might want to opt for herbal teas.

Cooking oils are laden with Omega 6 fatty acids. Shortening, vegetable oil, margarine, peanut oil, soybean oil, and canola oil have increased polyunsaturated fat levels which cause mutation in inflammation in the cells of your body. In fact, these fats cause inflammation and mutation in cells. Thus, the inflammation can clog the arteries.

For more information regarding how hormones are affected by the foods we eat, how hormones can affect your health, and ways to balance your hormones, please review the dailyburn.com6 and websites.

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