Comparing 10 Foods – McDonald’s vs Burger King

2. Salads

Salads - Sliceofchic

Salads – Sliceofchic

The salads at McDonald’s are far healthier as they offer you the option of ordering salads without any kind of dressing. This factor greatly reduces the caloric content of the food item and serves the purpose of being a low calorie food. Burger King offers salads with a tremendous amount of calories as opposed to McDonald’s which reduce the calories by as much as three times.
As illustrated by the above citations, a wide range of Burger King’s products are available with lesser amount of calories. The only area where McDonald’s excels and quite remarkably so, is that of salads.
It is for the greater benefit of the consumers that they may arm themselves with the knowledge of the precise amount of calories in each food item to reduce a variety of diseases that plague humankind these days. By being selective in what you eat, you can defeat obesity, heart disease and diabetes and give rise to healthier generations.

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